Jeff Meints

Soon to be a graduate from California State University - San Marcos with a BA in Political Science and long after graduating high school in 1999, Jeff Meints continues to passionately enjoy landscaping and creating gardens for people's private enjoyment and daily relaxation. Jeff strives to find the lowest budget possible for the future projects of your yard while in the end producing something that can be defined as of the highest quality.

Born and raised in Southern California, Jeff has lived in Escondido for all 31 years of his life and has strong ties to the community. Jeff has been involved with landscaping and gardening ever since graduating high school in 1999 with his passion for the trade always growing and never ending.

Fairly priced, creative designs and excellent communication skills allow interactions between Jeff and his clients to go smoothly and conveniently. From drawing up blueprints and designs for your project(s) to providing all the options available to ensure that your project turns out just like you imagined. Jeff will work diligently to see that your dreams come to fruition.

Give Jeff a call to schedule an appointment so he can come out and assess your project. Whether it is simply mowing, edging and pulling weeds or you want something more complex and intricate such as a garden and watering system then Jeff is the man for the job.

Don't you want to relax during the weekends in a garden like the pics below? Just call Jeff and he'll create your garden of Eden!